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1.Who is Belobog?

In Slavic mythology, the god-goddess, without gender, accounted for as opposed to Black-force, which was subordinated to the three, which included gods and Jarun Rugewit Kiru. In the pantheon of Slavic gods by Czeslaw Białczyńskiego Bialobog, like the Black-are the most powerful deities after Światowicie. Between these two deities and their followers is an ongoing struggle, which can be identified with the struggle between light (Black-) and darkness (Bialobog). Bialobog depths of the First Department had given everything that belonged to the world of darkness, which was plump and moist. Is treated as a Black-twin sister, and together were known as Kaukowie or alcove. They also serve the Vipers Ażdahy-demons.

Belobog god-goddess without sex is composed of three parts:

Rod - the equivalent of the Slavic deity of God the Father in all things God chrześcijaństwie.Jest arose because the whole world in itself and is judge of all men. Roda name derives from the verb to bear identifying him with the sphere of fertility, as well as from the word family, making it the guardian of tribal communities.

Światowid-Slavic deity that was born out of Rod, the equivalent of Jesus Christ in Christianity. Regarded as the supreme god - lord of the heavens, the forest, the sun, fire, harvest.

Pierwodnica-nothing is good and her rebellious daughter-Nebula is a dark (all evil). Pierwodnica is the equivalent of the Holy Ghost and Dark Nebula equivalent of the evil powers.

The struggle between good and evil in belobogism until the end of the world: Table appreciative of good spirits White God by six archangels changing the world for the better: · Wohu Manah (Good Thought) · Ash Wahiszta (Best Righteousness) · Spenta Armaiti (Holy Devotion) · Chszatra Wairja (desirable dominion) · Haurwatat (Health) and · Ameretat (Long Life)

Guardian spirits in Christianity and Judaism:

2. Czarnobog-Or Czernobuh, Zcernoboch-Slavic god of evil, curses and chaos. Probably the opponent Bialobog god-goddess without sex.

Table of evil spirits

Incarnations of the Dark Nebula: (a powerful demon) -in katoliczyzm: The Blessed Virgin Mary (not Mary herself only evil demon that lies beneath it) -goddesses of the ancient East as Isis, Artemis, Kali, Mokosz, Ishtar, Mother Earth,

Czarnoboga incarnations and his demons. - Egypt ancient evil gods, the Hittites, Babylonia, and many ancient lands of the East in particular: Set, Chorus angry gods of Hindu- -wicked gods of Buddhist -wicked gods of Shinto -wicked gods of Chinese religion -evil gods of the peoples of Africa -evil gods besides triads neopogan three gods -bad Greek gods -Demons in Judaism:

3.End of the World: Jesus of many names has been foretold by Zoroaster as the Messiah: Saoshian in Slavic mythology called it the God of Gods-Światowid The Apocalypse of St. John: